Being a woman in business can come with unique challenges. From having your knowledge or skills questioned to assumptions that you won’t give your work your full attention. There are so many false narratives around women in the business.

You know that you are qualified, hardworking, driven and great at what you do. But maybe you struggle with landing the clients you are looking for or feel that you aren’t being taken as seriously as you should be. We believe that you already have everything you need to be your most successful and authentic self. In this article we will provide our best advice for women in business to help you step into your full potential. 

Top Tips for How To Be A Successful Women in Business

Embrace Being a Woman

One of the most essential and useful tips for being a woman in business is to embrace who you are. You aren’t a man, and you don’t have to be or act like one to be successful in business. In fact, trying to be someone or something you aren’t may actually lead to less success and more failure. In our previous article “How to Have A Successful Life,” we outline how you can define your success. Allow your feminine energy to be a part of your success definition, and don’t try to fight who you are.

Being a woman means that you will see and do things differently than the male perspective. And that certainly doesn’t mean that you are doing something wrong. If anything, staying true to yourself and being aligned with who you are will lead you to operate a successful business by showing your value in the most genuine way. When you live authentically, you will feel more aligned with your success, embrace who you are and all the gifts that come with it.

Connect with Other Women

No one will understand the highs and lows of being a woman in business more than other women in business. Consider joining a women’s business network for support and empowerment. There are many regional and local women’s networks that you can connect with in person, or consider joining an online community such as Working For Women.

Having a supportive community to learn from and rely on can help you immensely as you navigate the workplace or dive into entrepreneurship. Networking groups can be great for helping you find support, find services or vendors or even find great advice from women who have been there before.  It is always nice to know you aren’t alone, finding support from other women in business can be game-changing for your career or business.


Do Your Research

From a practical standpoint, it’s always essential for any businessperson to do their research before making decisions or taking action. This is important for women in business as much as it is for any other business person. Whether you are looking to start a business, develop or product or hire a service, you need to understand your market and what you hope to achieve.

Doing your research helps you make smart decisions and also helps you to be credible to those around you. Women sometimes face adversity in the workplace when people don’t take them seriously despite their knowledge and experience. Being armed with information and having confidence in your decisions can help you overcome both your own self-doubt and the doubts of others.

For more tips on being taken seriously in the workplace, see our previous article “How to Be Taken Seriously as a Young Entrepreneur.” Though not all women in business are young, these tips can still help you to move forward with confidence and boost others’ perception of you.

Trust Your Instincts

Many women in business find that they struggle with making decisions. Whether it is self-doubt or indecisiveness not being able to decide may hold women back from achieving their true potential. Though it isn’t always easy there are ways to improve your decision-making skills. Try to remember that you likely already know the answer. Trust your instincts and go with what feels right, still do your research and make informed decisions, but know that you are enough and do make good decisions.

For help with improving your decision-making skills see our previous article “How to Become a Better Decision Maker.”

Consider Working with a Coach

Having a strong support network will go a long way towards both boosting your confidence and improving your business. A support network can include anyone from friends and family to colleagues and mentors. Your support network can help you in countless ways from simply boosting your mood or providing valuable feedback on ideas or products that you have implemented in your business. You don’t simply want people who will tell you everything you do is great, but instead provide valuable support and knowledge to help you learn and grow.

Not everyone has the ideal support network, and sometimes it can be beneficial to look for outside help in order to achieve your goals. In these cases we feel that it is a great idea to work with a life coach such as Toronto life coach, Lisa Jeffs. Working with a life coach can bring you support and guidance that your primary support network may not be capable of providing. Benefits of working with a life coach include;

  • Improved time management skills
  • Renewed focus and energy to achieve your goals
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem
  • Support in developing and achieving goals
  • Increased feelings of personal success.

Investing in yourself and hiring a life coach, entrepreneur coach, or business coach might just be one of the best things you could do for your business. For more information on how to choose the right life coach for you see our previous article “How to Find a Good Life Coach.”

Believe in Yourself

Women in business are super powers capable of anything they put their minds to. Though sometimes they may face adversity or challenges regarding their gender, women can overcome and persevere. If you are a woman in business looking for advice on how to be successful, our above tips may help. Always remember that you are enough and believe that you are capable and worthy.