Here is my best ‘hack’ on how to listen to your intuition…

A few years ago I used to ask everyone their opinion on what I should do with my life.

I would ask questions like…

Is this right?

Do you think I should go for this?

Do you think this would be a good idea?

What do you think of me doing this?

And I would get a bunch of different answers from people who had no experience in what I was talking about.

So where is the problem in this?

People who don’t know what you are going through or don’t have a clue what you are asking about have no business giving you advice.

They are only able to give you advice through their ‘lens’ of the world. And if their ‘lens’ has never seen what you are asking about then how could they ever give you quality advice?

But we do it all the time.

We gather up all this information from other people which only clouds our own intuition. When the answer is within us the whole time.

We always know what’s best for us and we will always get the right answer if we simply get quiet enough to listen.

And that’s not going to happen when you have 20 people squawking in your ear giving you their opinion.

So stop asking every Tom, Dick, and Harry for their opinion and/or advice.


Just stop.

So how do you tap into the answer within yourself?

Here is my sure fire never fail way…


Find a spot where you can get at least 10 minutes of quiet uninterrupted time where you can relax.

I often have people coming in and out of my workspace unannounced so I’ve started putting a DO NOT DISTURB sign on my door during these quiet times. It works about 80% percent of the time but with kids in the house, I’d say that’s a win placeholder

Do what you have to do… I’ve also gone out and sat in my car.


Write down your question. Get specific. What exactly do you want the answer to? I write down my question in my journal and have it next to me.

Set the intention that you will receive the perfect answer to your question.


Close your eyes and ask the question again. Speak it or say it in your head. Take 3 slow deep breaths and then get quiet with yourself.

I also ask my guides and angels to help me receive the answer. If you’re not as woo-woo as me, you can skip this part. You will still receive the answer.


Just wait. Enjoy this quiet time with yourself with an inner confidence that you will get the answer you are looking for. Keep breathing slow and deep and wait for the answer to come.

I often receive the answer right away. Sometimes It takes a few minutes to quiet my mind. But it always comes.


Write down what comes to you. As soon as I open my eyes I write it down the answer that came to me in the same journal I wrote my question.

PS. You may not like the answer. It may scare the crap out of you. It may make you uncomfortable.

This is usually why we go outside of ourselves to in the first place. We are looking for someone to give us the answer WE WANT and not the one WE NEED TO HEAR.


Take action. Don’t second guess it. Don’t ask a bunch of people what they think about your answer.

You received the answer from your inner guidance and it will NOT steer you wrong. It may be scary as S*%# but it is the best answer for you and your life. Own it!

PPS. If this is totally new to you, don’t get discouraged if you don’t hear your answer the first time. The more you do this process the more in tune you will get with your inner knowing.

Hit reply and let me know how this process works for you. I’d love to hear!

Lots of love,