Do Monday’s make you want to sob? Do you start to feel the “pain” Sunday evening?

Have you chalked this up to it “just being life” or “just the way it is”

Well I have to tell you. It’s NOT. This is NOT what you came into this world for. You did NOT come to work your butt off all week at a job you despise, only to zone-out all weekend and then start the depressing cycle all over again.

The sad thing is there are an obscene amount of people who have permanently succumbed to this lack-luster existence. No passion, no excitement, no thirst for anything more than their weekend zone-out session.

I was once in the same predicament. I once bought into the beliefs that this is what life was about. Until I woke up and figured out that all the limitations I once thought were stopping me from living the life I really desired… were just a bunch of BS I was telling myself constantly.

They weren’t real. They were based on fears… on my OWN limiting thoughts!

NOT reality!

The fact is, you CAN create a better life, better health, a better bank account.

Once you get out of your own head, step out of your own way and start owning the real POWER you came into this world with.

The only person limiting you is YOU.

Your first step: Take 30 minutes and write out how your life would be if you were limitless.

  • What would you being doing everyday?
  • How would you support yourself?
  • Who would you be friends with?
  • How would you take care of your body?
  • What would you do with your family?

You have the power to create your reality. Your first step is get clear on what you really want. Without clarity, 20 years can go by in the blink of an eye and you will STILL be in the exact same spot just waiting weekend to roll by so you can zone out and start the cycle again.

Scary thought?

I don’t know about you but that terrifies me.

I have news for you. YOU ARE something spectacular. You bring to the world something NO ONE else does!

If you are NOT living your purpose, you are doing a disservice to the entire world.

Here is what I want you to do.

Spend 30 minutes journaling out your limitless reality. Really get into the feeling of it.

Make it exciting AND make it powerful.

If by the end of you want to learn how to make this vision a reality….

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Lots of love,