I weighed myself this morning. I do it once a week on a cleanse. I avoid weighing myself everyday as I feel it can become almost an obsession when done daily.

For the most part I don’t pay much attention to the number on the scale but I have a goal and keeping track of it weekly increases the chance of me reaching it.

My starting weight was 148.8 and I am not down to 143.8. A lose of 5 pounds. Yes some of that is definitely water weight. But it just goes to show you have fast your body will release weight when you cut out foods that cause inflammation in the body and you start feeding it simple whole foods from the earth.

The body starts working properly. It’s amazing. And it doesn’t take long.

That’s why I cringe at these calorie counting diets that contain a bunch of packaged dead food. Yes you can lose weight on those type of programs. But ultimately for real long term weight lose, your body AND mind have to be working properly.

They need healthful food from the earth and positive loving thoughts <3.

Just for reference some foods that create inflammation in the body and cause it to hold onto weight are…




Trans-fat filled fried foods


Now you might think, OMG I can’t live without these foods…

believe me when I say, once you cut them out for a few days, your cravings will go down. WAYYY down. I mean you won’t even be thinking about them. And if you do, then it’s mental craving and not your body asking for it.

Mental cravings are no joke either. That’s way it is important to do a mental cleanse along side your physical cleanse.

It is much easier to pin point your “craving triggers” when you are cleansing.

For example: I never realized that when I feel stressed out and overwhelmed my first thought is WHERE ARE THE SNACKS!

My initial impulse when I am stressed is to reach for something to eat so I can occupy my mind with eating instead of focusing on why I am feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

And believe me, I’m not reaching for a salad during those times!

I never realized this until my first cleanse. Now being aware of my patterns I am able to take control back and not feel like my cravings control me.

Really that is what being successful on a cleanse is. Taking control back over your unhealthy patterns and behaviours.

So when the cleanse is over you can occasionally enjoy a dessert or a “snack-ie” food and not feel completely out of control with your cravings and go on a binge for days.


That’s what I believe a healthy lifestyle is about. I don’t think it is necessary to be on a “cleanse type” of diet your entire life. I do think you should be able to enjoy your mom’s yummy baked treats or go to your favourite restaurant and order anything on the menu.

Where it becomes an issue is when you feel like the food is controlling your choices and you’re NOT in control.

But it doesn’t have to be like that and there is support for you.


I find so much joy when people are able experience how amazing they can feel everyday when they are feeding their body well.

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