Ontario Life Coach


Are you looking to make real and lasting change in your personal life or career? Certified life coach Lisa Jeff’s can help you to realize your full potential by making positive changes now. Reach your goals and make your dreams a reality. Lisa Jeffs is the life coach Ontario entrepreneurs have come to trust. She can help you move past fear, self-doubt and self-sabotage to achieve your dreams.

About Lisa

Lisa Jeffs is a certified life coach who works with clients from all areas in Ontario. From Thunder Bay to Toronto she is able to connect with you and help you get unstuck. Since opening her practice in 2014 she has worked with hundreds of clients, giving them permission to realize their full potential.

Lisa specializes in working with driven leaders and business owners who are looking to make lasting changes towards their goals. Whether you need help with learning how to have a successful life or are struggling with knowing what to do when feeling like a failure, Lisa is here to help.

Life Coaching Services

Lisa Jeffs works with clients who all have unique needs. Her services are appropriate for many aspects of life and go far beyond career coaching. She has the knowledge to help you make a breakthrough and apply change to your everyday life. As the first choice life coach in Ontario, Lisa offers the following coaching services;

Carer Coaching Services

If your goals are primarily career or business focused, let Lisa take your dreams to the next level. Find the career coaching service that is right for you;

Lisa allows you to focus on your unique gifts and strengths to help you overcome fear of failure to make real change now.