Are You in Need of Millennial Coaching?


Millennial entrepreneurs are determined, creative and like to move fast – but can often feel like they’re not quite achieving their full potential. With professional mentorship from an experienced millennial life coach, young professionals can get the guidance they need to move forward in their entrepreneurial pursuits or chosen career path to achieve their goals.

By working with a millennial life coach, you can work to create the fulfilling and balanced life that you want, pursuing exciting opportunities that align with your goals and values. You’ll gain self-confidence and develop the courage you need to stay committed and accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

How Can a Millennial Life Coach Help?

A millennial life coach specializes in helping young, ambitious professionals like you find a balance between your career, family, relationships and personal goals. A personalized millennial coaching program can:

  • Assist in clarifying your goals, vision and passion when you feel stuck
  • Identify what is holding you back and gain the skills and self-confidence to move forward
  • Get a fresh perspective and be inspired to take the next step
  • Design a plan to achieve your career or entrepreneurial goals
  • Give you the tools you need to continue achieving success

Meet Lisa Jeffs, Millennial Coach

I was a young professional just like you, faced with anxiety, stress and feeling overwhelmed. These experiences made it difficult for me to feel fulfillment from my career and day-to-day life. By figuring out how to work smarter – not harder – I began to enjoy myself again and look forward to achieving the next goal. You can begin to feel the same way when you work with a millennial life coach.

I work with highly motivated and committed millennials who want to truly make a difference and challenge themselves every day. We’ll partner together to focus on your goals, uncover what you are truly looking for, then create a plan to go out and get it!

If you’re a millennial struggling to find clarity and direction in your personal or professional life, let’s talk. To find out more about my millennial coaching packages, or to set up a free, no-obligation discovery session, reach out today. I look forward to hearing from you!