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This is really, really important for my sensitive Souls.

So my empaths, my intuitive’s,

or if you don’t resonate with either that just a person who is highly sensitive to energy.

This is really important to listen to this.

So if you are working to expand your business,

right, so you’re working. Let’s say to get your business to the next level

and you I know that you are not getting to the next level.

So you’re getting to a place and then you kind of Captain it out.

You’re not making a progress and there’s a hang chling,

right? You are sabotaging your progress,

right? Then I really need you to look at this because expansion.

Right. And expansion is wonderful. It’s a wonderful year by the way,

to expand, but when it’s when you think about expansion

expansion is like the ability to welcome in more,

right? We’re getting bigger. So to speak.

We’re getting we’re expanding

and we’re getting to a place where we’re available for more so that can mean a bigger audience.

That can mean more money.

That can mean more team members that can mean more,

you know, notoriety. Whatever it is.

It’s just an expansion, whatever it is for you of more.

Now, if you are a sensitive highly sensitive individual,

so or you can be an empath

and intuitive or just really sensitive to energy

and you have not really firmed up your boundaries and that department and if you haven’t,

that’s absolutely okay. Release any judgment.

I know myself, I’ve had to do a lot of work on.

Okay. Nope. My boundaries are firming up

because what happens is if there is a internal unconscious fear that,

if I expand, it’s going to mean that I have to take on all these people.

Hardly, or I’m going to be really really tired,

or I’m just going to get really irritated and it’s going to be too much for me.

You will keep yourself at the level that you feel safe at that,

you feel comfortable at that, you know,

you can handle, you will remain there.

If this is what is going on.

So, if you are not expanding and you’re like,

well, what’s going on. I’m trying to get to this place and I’m frustrated.

I want you to look at what is showing up for you currently.

So, what is showing, are there? There are instances in your

current reality that are making themselves a parent?

That some boundaries are necessary. Are there situations popping up where you’re like,

oh, I think I need to work on my boundaries here.

Then that’s your key. Okay.

To get to the next level you got to focus in on what is in front of you?

Okay, because if there is that fear going on that,

if I get to, if I manifest all This is going to be way too much for my energy field.

I’m going to feel so overwhelmed. I’m going to be feel so X,

Y Zed, fill in the blank. Then you will keep yourself at your comfort zone.

So be aware. If you need help reach out,

send me a DM, drop a question below,

You are not alone. This is a very,

very common Behavior,

pattern self-sabotaging pattern that a lot of highly sensitive people go through at some

point and awareness.

Here is key. I’ll talk to you soon.