So here’s another fear that I hear very often.
Actually, you know what? I don’t hear it from people,
I uncover it because this is a fear that is often very covert fear of success.
So fear of success, you may be thinking.
Why the hell would anyone? Be scared of success.
It’s what everyone is working towards yada yada yada.
Well, yeah, of course,
on the surface level and a person who does have a fear of success.
There’s like different parts within them,
right? So there’s a part that is Desiring it and you know,
it’s like I don’t know why I can’t get there.
I don’t know why I can’t get there. This is where a lot of the frustration comes in.
As fear of failure, a lot of times we can tune into that and understand.
Yeah, I don’t want to fail. I don’t want to,
I don’t want this to happen. I don’t want to fail.
But with fear success, it can be frustrating because you’re like,
I want this, I’m asking for it.
I’m trying to manifest it.
You know, I’m but I can’t seem to get my feet moving.
I can’t seem to take action on this stuff that I know is going to get me to where I want.
Want, I can’t seem to make the decision.
I know is going to get me to the place. I want.
I can’t seem to invest in the investment that I know.
I need to get me to where I want,
so it can be challenging. So understanding that fear of success.
There can be a part of you that is Desiring something,
but there’s an even stronger part of you.
That believes that getting to success,
whatever that is for. You is somehow going to be more painful.
So a lot of times this will show up with in the individuals.
Let’s say that are the only one in their family Circle to be kind of going outside the box.
So, if the family unit is kind of doing one thing,
Anyhow you or whoever we’re talking about here wants to go into totally different path.
There’s a part of them that believes if they do that they’re going to and this,
by the way, is not necessarily A logical fears.
They can be. They can be very,
you know, yeah. My parents said, if I go this way,
then I’m out of the family. It can be very,
you know, cut-and-dried very clear,
but it can also be just just a Fear coming up because of core wounds of rejection abandonment,
all those things that we deal with.
So it can be a fear that if if I,
you know, go this way and I become a success.
I’m somehow going to be out of the family.
I’m somehow going to be, you know,
not part of the unit anymore and this can take place as well in friendships.
So often you will see friendship circles,
where A lot of the friendship or kind of their operating at the same degree.
This they kind of have the same. I often talk about your safety line,
right? This is our safety line.
Everything under is what we experience.
I’m going above it. This is where we can start self-sabotaging
because we have all this unconscious programming.
So with friendships are kind of operating the same thing.
So, if there’s a fear that, if I become a success if I I make a lot of
money if I start putting myself out there
and get really big and really known that,
I’m going to lose all my friends.
Then you will continue to self-sabotage your progress until you address.
The part of you that is scared.
They’re going to lose everything else.
Now again, this doesn’t have to be a logical fear.
You know, you don’t have to have a Friendship Circle where everyone is saying If
you get to that place where out of we’re booking it.
It’s done. No, but if we have a core wound,
which we all have our own core wounds.
This is part of Being Human around abandonment.
Then that’s going to be bumping up against the edge of that.
So if you are finding yourself,
you know, you keep kind of bumping up against this thing.
I want to make progress. I want this thing,
really bad, but I can’t seem to like my ankles feel like they’re in quicksand.
I can’t seem to be making moves like,
or I’m getting to a certain place. This is another one.
Actually. I’m getting to a certain place and then I feel like I’ve kept myself even though,
you know, I don’t,
I don’t want a cat, myself. Feel like I’ve kept myself at a certain level.
So, you may make a little bit of progress above a certain level,
but then you always find yourself back. And you’re like,
oh my God, why can’t I like break through the ceiling?
Check in with yourself. Is there a part of you that believes getting
to a certain point is going to be more painful?
Are you going to do you? Is there a fear around losing people in your life?
Is there a fear around? Maybe it’s not losing people.
Maybe it’s just being judged. Maybe if there’s a fear around being judged as,
oh, you’re one of them now,
you’re one of those and again,
A lot of times this is not conscious,
right? It so anyways, let me know if that this is helpful.
Let me know. If it resonates. If you have questions,
drop them below wherever you’re watching this again,
if you would like to talk to me about coaching,
this is what I do. This is my special see,
helping people navigate The Fears or lack of self-worth because it’s often is to,
it’s one of the two words, both of Them.
There’s a fear that’s creating the self sabotage
or we need to work on self-worth
and the belief in self if that is something that you’d like to talk about.
Send me a DM, or you can book a call directly with the link in my
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Looks like, but you can also keep your eye out on this space.
As I will be dropping some group programs in the near future,
and that’s going to be really fun and exciting as fun as an exciting as working on self-sabotage.
Can me. Anyways,
have a fabulous night Day evening,
whenever you’re watching this. Ciao.

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