There’s a lot of misunderstanding about self-sabotage

and there’s a belief that we just kind of get over it.

Just get over it. It. Just do it,

just take action. And while that can be helpful to some people to a large majority of

individuals who are really experiencing the shadow side of themselves.

The Shadow Self,

Saboteur that’s not going to work and the method to helping the person who has their Shadow Self.

Saboteur coming out is to really understand that it’s coming out

because it is just in overdrive protection mode.

So, if you’ve experienced a life,

where Are you have had to be on guard for a good part of your life?

Maybe you grew up in a household where you didn’t have the guidance that you needed.

Maybe you were like me.

A latchkey kid, way back when and,

you know, you really had to fend for yourself.

And you’ve learned how to protect yourself

because also the self-sabotage is doing It is trying to protect you.

It is trying to protect you because it believes that if you make progress,

if you, you know, get to the next level in your business,

and I’m just talking about business here specifically,

but self Saboteur can pop up in anything relationship.

That’s a big one, finances,

friendships family, everything. But in regards to your business,

making progress in it, especially if you have an online business,

where you are front and center and you are a highly sensitive individual.

And what I mean by that is you’re highly sensitive to energy.

So whether you are an intuitive, whether you are a Healer,

some type of guide, you don’t even have to be,

you can be a type, a very driven go-getter entrepreneur,

who may not be very in touch with their intuitive side.

But you are highly sensitive and, you know, you’re highly sensitive,

then you can grow up with this protective shield on right ourselves.

Saboteur can come in because it’s protecting us from moving forward.

It views, moving forward as more painful,

whether that means you’re going to be judged it believes,

you’re going to be judged,

whether it believes that you’re going to put yourself out there and be ridiculed.

Maybe it is trying to protect you from friends

and family who may not have your best interest at heart.

There can be a multitude of reasons,

but just to know that if you’re finding it very frustrating

and you’re really at the place where you’re like,

what the hell is going on?

I am extremely intelligent.

I’m extremely driven and very ambitious

Why can’t I seem to get to the next level?

Why can’t I seem to break the ceiling?

I just keep, you know, going to steps forward

and going all the way back down and I can’t seem to get past this stage.

There’s a good chance that yourself.

Saboteur is just in absolute overdrive,

trying to protect you. We all have a ceiling.

This is what I call the safety ceilings. That is what I often talk about with my private clients about that.

We have a safety ceiling. So this is let’s say this is our safety ceiling,

then we will be very comfortable making progress up to this part that can be,

you know, progress in financial progress in your business.

It can be progressed. Maybe you’re putting out your building your audience to a certain point.

Whatever it is doesn’t matter.

So you will feel safe getting to know as soon as you start breaking that ceiling though.

And you struggle. Above it. That’s when things can start getting a little wonky.

If you haven’t done the work, to really understand what those deeper fears.

Are, you can find yourself like every time you kind of get an inch,

or so above that, safety line, you get Broadway back down here,

and then it’s like this constant Journey back up.

Okay. Now I’m finally getting past hero.

Good. I’m all the way back down here. And you’re like,

I’m there must be something wrong with me. Me, there’s nothing wrong with you.

This is self Saboteur coming in. It’s calling the shots.

It’s like it’s real and you back in

because it’s protecting you so keep an eye out if this is you and you’re like,

yes, this is me. Help me.

Keep an eye out. There’s going to be a lot more content,

coming out to help you navigate self-sabotage.

Again. It’s not about, you know,

plowing through it and ending it.

I even I saw someone that I actually really respect

and I’m not going to say his name because I actually,

he’s a brilliant teacher. He just probably,

isn’t that brilliant when it comes to self-sabotage,

but he, his view was, if you’re doing it,

then you should probably just give up and go a different route and I was like,

no, that is not what we want to do.

We want to learn how to navigate it because it’s very once.

You start understanding, why it´s present.

What yourself Saboteur is keeping you safe?

From what your behaviors are that are,

you know, keeping this program alive?

We can really learn to shift it. So if you are ready to go deep,

and you don’t want to wait for the content and kind of figure it out yourself as you watch it,

and you want to see if becoming one of my private clients,

is your next best step.

I invite you to go to the link in my bio.

So you can book a call with me. We will chat about what you’re going through.

So I have a very good idea, what you’re struggling with,

where you want to go, what your vision is.

And if it is a good fit. I’ll share more about what it’s like to work with me one-on-one.

And if it’s not a good fit, I will do my best to direct you to

what I do believe is your next best step.

Other than that, if you have any questions, drop them below,

let’s continue this conversation.