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All right, let’s talk about intuition

and following it as an entrepreneur and the benefit it can have on your business.

So I have made a lot of money

when I’m tuned in to my intuition

and I’m following that inspiration that’s coming through taking action on the inspiration.

That comes through what I’m listening to my intuition.

Now a challenge for a lot of entrepreneurs is they think they don’t have an intuition.

Or their intuition has taken a hike and they’re like,

I don’t know, my indoors and I can’t follow my intuition

because I have no idea what it’s telling me.

So in this video, I’m going to share with you a block that happens to a lot of entrepreneurs,

a lot of people both specifically for entrepreneurs.

So to listen to your intuition, you got to be tuned into your body.

You have to have connection.

That’s more than just your head. So the neck down,

you got to be connected to this. Right.

That’s how you tell those subtle feelings that come in.

That’s when you become this, like really heightened.

I don’t even know the word but you’d be,

you can see what’s going on.

You can feel what’s going on, not see if you could feel what’s going on

because you are connected to this.

Now. A lot of people what happens is they’ve just disconnected from their body,

or they’ve numbed it out completely. So,

common things that Come out is like drugs and alcohol,

but a lot of times with entrepreneurs besides

would drugs and alcohol is overworking and always being in the head region.

So thinking a lot strategizing a lot whirring hot,

not that there’s anything wrong with thinking

and strategizing but when you find that you’re just always in your head like you’re like,

okay. I just stop thinking for a minute.

I need a break. Chances.

Are you just all up in here and you’ve disconnected from here?

So, if that is the case and an X in another video,

I want you to look out for my next video,

when I share with, you ways to come down from the head to get into the body.

So you can start to feel those intuitive nudges that come through,

because I this, when you can start integrating your intuition,

with your business, creating the success you want becomes easier.

You’re no longer feeling, like it’s on me to do this.

It’s on me to create this. You are actually creating with that Divine guidance,

that is available to all of us.

But you got to be connected to like down here for our.

So keep an eye out for my next video when I share with you.

How do you get from here to the connection here?

So you can start understanding when your intuition is telling you something and you can follow it.