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How do you tune into your intuition, if you feel like you’ve completely disconnected from it

or you don’t even have an intuition?

So, in the previous video,

I shared that a lot of entrepreneurs are disconnected from their

intuition because they are living from their head.

There are very much focused on the future on.

What’s next. What’s the next Milestone?

What’s the next goal? What’s the next sales quota?

And they’re always focusing in on What’s next?

So they’re living in their head and they’re very go.

Go. Do, do you must learn to slow down to start hearing or feeling those intuitive?

Nudges. Slowing down is imperative.

So, what does that look like in your day?

Maybe that looks like closing the laptop every couple hours or every Hour or every 20 minutes.

And just relaxing,

you don’t have to necessarily go into a meditation,

but just be with yourself,

breathe. Turn off sounds,

right. So for me, I find it really helpful.

If I just be in quiet for for 10 minutes,

15 minutes 5 in 5 minutes,

just quiet. Just so I can finally recalibrate to myself.

So, slowing down is really important and I’ll give you one more in this video lightning.

Lightening up.

So I typically work with entrepreneurs who would classify themselves as type A.

So this is very highly driven, very ambitious

and we can fall into because I resonate with that as well,

a very serious and intense mode,

even though, caveat what I found is most of these Those that

find themselves in these very almost like,

mmm. Just really hardcore serious modes,

right? Actually really funny and silly and sometimes awkward and Goofy at their core,

but they’ve completely disconnected from that. So,

they get into this very intense Forward Motion,

very heavy, very goal-oriented,

and this can completely disconnect you from your intuition and your intuition,

as an entrepreneur. Is where the magic is going to flow in its where

when you are tapped in Things become easier.

So first step is to slow down.

You gotta, you gotta have some moments of Stillness.

You don’t have to go be in meditation,

but just turn it all off for a few minutes and learn how to navigate that feeling of Stillness.

Your nervous system may want to like, go go,

go. Go. But this is a process of recalibrating.

So you can extract extending those moments of Stillness.

And then it’s lightening up. Have fun.

Watch something funny. Turn something on YouTube,

watch something that makes you laugh. Crack some jokes with someone that,

you know, has a good sense of humor, something where you are lightening yourself.

You’ll find that in those moments,

when you’re just laughing. Light and free that’s when the inspiration can flow in.

And you’re like, oh my God, I have this incredible idea.

You implement that idea and chances are,

you’re going to start seeing results.

Come in. You’re going to start seeing. Wow.

I can’t believe that I made a sale today.

I wasn’t even expecting that whatnot.

So, if you have any questions, let me know below.

I’m going to be doing more videos many trainings on this.

So if you’re interested in strengthening your intuition and bring it into your business,

keep an eye out. Yeah.