So you want to stop relying on motivation and rely on momentum instead, it’s a lot easier to make any progress towards your goals, your vision, when you’re in the momentum of moving forward,
Heard of doing the work

Of taking the break weeks of expanding, making new decisions when you’re in a momentum, right when you’re in the flow of it. And this is something I’m teaching in the Bolden conscious entrepreneur inner circle, uh, as part of the expansion method. And you can learn more about that in my, a link in the bio (LINK CLICK HERE). But let me tell you quickly that when we rely on motivation, which is a bunch of nonsense, right? You’re not going to feel motivated.
Yay, gung ho. Let’s go all

The time. Time. That’s completely. That’s not what the human experience is about. First of all, we have ups and downs and peaks and valleys. If we’re really honoring our experience here, we’re meant to have an emotional experience. That doesn’t mean you have to be like, um, your emotions are just off the chains, but some days are going to feel really great.

And you’re going to be really

Motivated to do certain things. And other days it’s going to be more of a challenge. This is normal, but when you are in a momentum, you were literally being carried by like the current. So even if you are feeling cha, like you’re like, oh, I don’t really want to do this. Your body is going to get up and it’s going to do the thing anyways. Right? So, um, years ago, when I was training for my first marathon, I did not want to do a lot of the training sessions. They were brutal. Um, whether that was waking up at 4 45 or whether that it was coming home from a full day of work and commuting two to three hours, and then getting to the track and running. I did not want to do that. I was not motivated to do that, but I was running so to speak.

I was on momentum. I was going with the momentum because I was doing that daily because I needed to do that for the marathon to be ready. So it didn’t take a lot of brain power. So maybe you, um, can resonate with this pattern because this is a pattern that a lot of my clients go through and I’ve gone through it. And it’s a natural, normal pattern that a lot of people go through before they really pick up and start going with the momentum. So it’s the start stop pattern, right? Everybody has like a safety line where they feel comfortable. This is like the safety line. So every time they make progress with anything, business-related money related relationships, you name it. We have the safety line. So we’re going to make our momentum. We get to here. I like to use the example of like, when you have a fitness goal or a body goal, right?

Cause a lot of people can resonate with those goals. You get to a certain place and you’re like, oh my God, this is like the safety line. This is where your subconscious knows it’s safe. It’s like, cool. I’m cool. I know I’m safe here. I know what to expect. But then as soon as you start kind of going above that safety line, this is when a lot of that internal dialogue or that subconscious programming is going to come in and it’s going to pull you back down here. Right. Because it’s below the safety line. So let’s say that, you know, you’ve been wanting to lose or release 20 pounds, right? And you just keep getting to that. You keep getting, you release the 10 pounds and you’re, you’re like, this is where I’m, I’m comfortable. This is what I know. Like I’m, I’m often at this place, I fluctuate between the, the, the 10 higher and the 10 lower. But then as soon as you start kind of making progress that you’ve never made before, right? This is the first time you start making some real gains, right? You started seeing different muscles bobbing. Now you start experiencing things differently. Right? A lot of times what’s going to happen. And there’s other things that are going on related to when we use this, as an example of men have not been the best example, but subconsciously our programming can, oh, I’m just, you know what? I don’t feel like working out today.

Or I Am not going to have
A smoothie.

I’m going to have this and said, which is fine. There’s nothing wrong with that. But what happens with the pattern is three weeks later, you can find yourself like, Ugh, I’ve completely gone off my, um, my progress. And I’m back down here, like, I’m back over here. This is a safety line. And then it kind of starts again. Right? And you start making progress and you get to that safety line. Everything’s going good. And then as soon as you start getting over, you see those same patterns coming back that take you down here, right? This is, this is typically what happens a lot of times, it’s the start and stop, right? We’re going, going, going, going, going, going. And we get to our safety zone. And then as soon as we start kind of inching up our patterns or subconscious programming brings us back down and we start all over again.

Right. But we want to get past that. Like we’re done with this safety line, we’re all over it. We want to get past it. This is what’s called expansion, right? We’re expanding into something new. We’re going past the no one we’re stretching, which is going to be uncomfortable. But when we are continuously building that momentum, the stretching part that’s uncomfortable. It becomes easier because we are running on that momentum. So I’m going to wrap this up because I don’t want to get too much into detail. If you’re still watching and you have questions, please drop them below or send me a DM. Uh, but this is the challenge, right? Because we want to get past our safety zone and we want to start really building that momentum so we can pass our safety zone. And we can start expanding up here because this is what we’re we’re dreaming about.

This is what, when we have these bigger visions, they’re up here, right? But we’re not going to get up there. If we allow these unconscious, um, programs to keep pulling us back down here. When we get here, this is why we got to do who the work, right? The inner work, right? The challenging limiting beliefs, the reprogramming, our mindset, which of course it’s easier. When you have support. When you have someone working with you is much easier to get past that safety zone and start inching up. Doesn’t mean it’s like, there’s going to be a piece of cake. It’s still work. It’s still, you still got to do the work, whether you have support or not, but it can be a lot easier, especially when you have these blind spots where you’re like, why can’t I seem to make any progress? I keep getting here and I’m going down here.

I keep making progress here. And I keep going back down here. It’s because you’re going past your safety zone and your subconscious programming is coming in and it’s pulling you back here. So we want to move forward. We want to expand, which means first is getting aware where your safety zone is. Right? So what financial cap do you keep getting yourself to? What if you’re working on your fitness, where do you keep getting? Where do you keep pulling yourself down right in business? What opportunities do you keep attracting and moving towards? But where’s that like uncomfortable part, right? Where, where is like you’re past your safety zone, because if you can get support for here where things get a

Little weird. When you, those
Programs, it’s come to pull you back down and you can get the support or you can do it yourself. But again, it’s challenging to do it on your own. Not impossible though. And you can get yourself up here, that momentum to where you’re not stopping and starting. You’re just constantly layering on doesn’t mean it’s not going to have moments where it’s a challenge, but you’re layering on the pro progress. And you’re just in that momentum and you’re in the flow and synchronicities are happening and you’re getting these results that you’ve never gotten before, but you’re aware of your subconscious programming. So it’s no longer pulling you down to that lower safety zone. You’re just going, going, going. This is when you expand into something new and fresh, and you reach that vision that you’ve been thinking about for months and years, right? That’s where you get to anyways, I’m going to wrap this up.

There was a lot of content in this video. I hope it made sense. The bold and conscious entrepreneur inner circle is open for enrollment. In this program, we are expanding. You’re going to learn what real expansion is, how to implement it in your life and in your business and practical ways. It’s about connecting deeper into who you are really connecting to that soul aspect of you. And of course, we’re going to be building our purpose-driven business. Check it out. The link is in the bio.

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